About Us

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Our story

Who We Are:

Policy Forum Guyana (PFG) is a non-governmental organisation with no political affiliation that focuses primarily on accountability and transparency issues related to natural resources, climate change and extractive industries.

PFG has led the following civic initiatives:

  • Creation of Guyana’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution to COP21 to reduce global warming;
  • Formation of Guyana’s Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI);
  • Restoration of Guyana’s Rivers;
  • Rapid assessment of agencies with the responsibility for the protection of Rivers
  • Training of both coastal and interior youths on the importance of freshwater and how they can assess water quality;
  • Creation of freshwater education tools such as board games, puzzles, word searches and videos;
  • Healthy Rivers Healthy People Social Media Campaign in collaboration with WWF Guianas;
  • Executed massive youth-led climate strikes to bring awareness to environmental degradation;
  • Issued press releases on gold and oil and gas sector that has bolstered government, international organisations, private sector and civil society groups into action;
  • Conducted grass-roots discussions on how oil and gas revenues would be used to create a better future for Guyanese in four administrative regions.
  • Produced an oil and gas booklet entitled, “Becoming an Oil Producer: The Future we haven’t discussed”.
  • Ensuring the transformation of Guyana through oil & gas results in a more equal, community-oriented society.